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Originally Posted by eqdrummer06 View Post
Ok, so I couldn't figure out how to make a new post, but anyway. I'm building a Micargi Tahiti cruiser with the 80cc motor kit from bikeberry. I ran into a problem with the expansion chamber, my pedal will hit the expansion chamber when finished. how do i fix this? also original exhaust does hit. I would really like the expansion chamber on the bike. does anyone make a part that I can bolt on to make the exhaust chamber longer to make exhaust sit further away from the pedal? i don't know how to post pictures
What I do on all my predator bikes to get the pipe in the right shape is clamp it to a welding table or some other object that isn't flammable, take my acetylene torch and heat up the pipe till its glowing orange in the section I want to bend, then clamp onto it with a vise grip and bend it a little bit so it fits the way I want it to.
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