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Yes, will have the slippage problem solved. It may have been a low pressure issue, or it may have been a cheap poorly made rim issue. But that has been done away with. If the stamd is too heavy, i will do something else. Ive tried hanging a bike before and im not around enough stuff with clearance for me to reach the bits and pieces often enough for it to be viable. The stand just offers almost 100% reliability in that regard. But you are right, building to not need it is the best defense. I will have good tires, i will have good tubes, with liners, and sealant. **** i even thought of mounting a shop broom to my front fork to sweep the area ahead of me (just kidding) i will have my tires inflated to the right pressure, and i will check them. It may end up being something i only use at home and come up with something else for the road. I may ultimatelynbe using this for longish trips and i can always just call someone to come get me or come get the bike later. And yes i will have a center kickstand but ive had a pretty poor relationship with kickstands before, so im not gomma rely on it to be my go to solution. Prevention is primary of course, like you said, but two is one and one is none. Soni will have rope or other hanging cordage, i will hav ethe kickstand, and i will have the work stand. I should be covered. I just taken too many preventative ,easures before and had them fail, cause me a lot of grief not to do something better when i can.
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