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No disrespect intended, i was just pointing out that not being prepared for problems makes them worse when they happen. I don't want to have to walk the bike home because i couldnt change the tube, or be late to work because i had to f around looking for a place to hang my motorbike. I want to unfold , clamp, raise, fix, lower, refold, get on the road again. I have, can, and will improvise when i have to, but i would rather have the right equipment when i need it. It very unlikely for me to have a house fire, and i can call the fire department, but i keep more than one extinguisher handy and i bet you do to. And no, the flats from the valve stem werent from poor finishing, im heavy and heavy breaking caused the tire and tube to slip. It happens. Your ideas though are nice second layer backups. Again no offense intended, i just have a different perspective I guess.
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