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That was kinda what i meant woth my other idea. Using iron pipe nipples and ratchet straps. I could thread together two bases with "hooked" arms, using two 6 or 8" nipples, a t joint, and 4 2 or three inch nipples off either end of the t. The hooks woukd be standard elbow fittings, i would wrap the contact surfaces in foam insularion and use ratchet straps to strap it to a pole of some sort. Might have to add a piece or to to keep the arms from turning under load but that easy, this would work well for telephone poles and tall parking lot lamp poles, stuff like that. That might emd up being as expensive as the $50 stand above, its probably heavier and its more limited, though it would more than likely last longer. It woukd take up less space, but i kinda like the stand idea. I appreciate all the feedback guys, i do. I have carried ropes and carabiners to hang a bike, and it works, it does. Kinda. Its still a PITA though, im wanting something i can snap it into, lift, tighten, work, lower, release, fold, put away and drive off. I want to be able to do anything almost from anywhere or at home. I think this discussion has made me realize even more why i wanted the stand to begin with. Thanks guys.
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