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Default Hello All - New Member Here, possible Whizzer for sale

Hi Everyone - I am a new member - into motorized bikes (have built a few) - I have a bike that I am considering selling and would love your opinion/advice. It is a licensed/registered 1999 Whizzer with NE cylinder kit upgrade. 209 miles on it. I got it in trade in 2011 - it is super hard to pedal - (belt/clutch adjustment I suppose) - when I first got it I pedaled it (crazy hard) and it started - I drove it around the block - it was so stupid hard to pedal start that I put it in the garage and never drove it again. I do put gas in it - charge the battery and run it a couple times a year - just on the stand. Never pedal starting it on the ground - just too difficult. But easy to pedal start on the stand. My question is - what do you think it should sell for and what would be a good forum to do so. I am not a fan of ebaying such an item - too many flakes. Thanks so much!
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