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That would be good for home, no way i would be toting that on the bike without a trailer which i have not included in my immediate build but will come later. Im calculating that inwill be arounf the sixtyish lb mark by the time i have everything done, so i think the stand will hold up. But it is one more thing to secure. Thats a pretty good price for that table though.
At another time, i was going to use iron pipe nipples to make a rest to the top tube to sit in and ratchet straps to secure it to something like a utility pole or a light pole, since ,ost of my riding usually includes a lot of these, i would always be within feet of somehwere to hoist my bike up. It proba ly wouldnt be any lighter than this by the time i was done, but it would ne smaller, but less universal also. Its a cluncky problem. It has a clunky solution i guess.

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