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Default Thoughts?

So, as ive memtiomed in several posts, im about to start a build and im bouncing ideas off people.
Ive been doing motorized bikes for a few years now and one of the more frustrating things about them, both gas and electric, is road side repairs, whether its a flat on either end, or fixing something bunged in the motor or trans, its a pain at best.
So heres my solution. Im gonna buy a frickin folding work stand amd tote it around with me in the rear basket i will put on it.
Like this one:
Its a little heavy i know, but once i have all the stuff im gonna have on my bike one there its not gonna be flip over friendly and i will need a pretty solid way of lifting it both at home and abroad. Anyone tried this? I think i will be at just about the stands rated weight limit so it should hold up just fine.
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