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The pull start is awesome. I read some bad reviews about them, but figured why not. It seems the cord ripping issue has been fixed. They installed a plastic bushing where it goes through the case. It's also easy to install.

The centrifugal clutch... I love having it. It's installing it that sucks. I still don't have the cover on it yet. I'm working on a clever fix for that.

My newest venture is installing a pz19 carb. I think it's comparable to a Mikuni 19mm? Anyway, I fabbed the manifold up today, but now I need a new throttle cable and also a choke cable as well. So far I've only fired it up and let it idle. The best part about this carb (aside from the size jump from 14mm to 19mm) is that it has an actual TUNABLE idle circuit!! You can adjust the idle speed AND mixture! It idles like butter now, and I'm all about those creature comforts like that.

I wonder how much faster it'll be with this monster carb now

I think sometime soon I'll be pulling the 66 and doing some work. Port work on the transfers and lapping of the head is in order, plus some balancing.

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