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Default Re: New member, First build

Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck.

If you don't mind I'll make a couple of suggestions.
Break the engine in while in the stock condition before adding your go-fast parts. After, do one modification at a time. Add one component, test and tune before moving on to the next. Doing too much too soon can cause some problems that will be hard to track. Doing one mod at a time gives you a basis to work from so you'll know what works and what you need to do to make it right if it doesn't.

Your speed goals are completely possible and can be had with careful tuning and an engine that is broken in as well as proper gearing for your riding style, weight and terrain.

Don't waste your money on the 'boost bottle'. Don't expect any performance gains from an aftermarket ignition system (CDI). Your stock one will work just fine and you'll save money for other things.

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