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Default New build frame up

Ok, i have a project, ive been doing motored biking for a while and been doing it the fast cheap amd wrong way. That just a pain and its expensive and frustrating. So im going to do it right and i want some advice.

Heres what i have
2005 mahattan cruisers aero delux 6 speed. (Currently a 5 speed, got it used and modded)
Astabula crank will have to be replaced for:
4 stroke HS engine and gear reduction
Sick bike parts 4 stroke shift kit
Board track style wheels from with 11 ga spokes with a sturmy archer 3 speed igh with drum brake, front, sturmy archer drum
Wald large dual basket rear rack
3 gal plastic marine gas tank on the rack later to be replaced with a cylindrical aluminum tank of similar capacity
Will use a dual pull lever for the brakes, will use a locking clutch lever from a previous unsuccessful build in lieu of a twist throttle
Other components will be determined as needed

Who has the best HS 4 stroke motors and gear reductions and whats the deal with the G designation on the 4 stroke motors? 4g 5g 7g etc. Does this matter?
The reason im going with such a costly wheel option is multifold:
Im a heavy guy and i have had LOTS of issues with cheap trashed hubs, and broken spokes riding on the crappy roads where i live. So i opted for heavy duty wheels with the largest spokes i could find. I dont think an external gearing system would be very good with the jackshaft and i dont want to fit a new mech on the cruiser and a new shifter etc.
ALL the other HD wheels i have found with IGHs have been coaster brake set ups, which i think that i should avoid at my weight and this is the only one i have found in a wheel which isnt a coaster. The drum brakes are because they are sealed and reliable from my reaseach, and they make tire changes a bit easier in my reckoning.
Is my reasoning right here, or am i over reaching?
Thanks to anyone who replies amd gives advice.
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