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Default Re: Here I go again,Briggs build

Slipping of the belts is another whole issue. Some like belts as they are quieter than a chain, but you don't have issues with slippage. A pulley less than 3 inches in diameter is usually asking for trouble with slipping.

The surface area of the small pulley does not grab enough and also bending a tight radius tends to chew and heat up the belt, that expands the belt and it slips even more. Splashed water when going through a puddle also till it drys on the belt and pulley is cause for slippage.

I use an adjustable diameter pulley to get tension set on a belt before pulling the rear hub back into the drop outs. That set one of the belts tension.

The other belt I put on with a back idler pulley fully recessed, then I snug it as much as I think won't collapse the large 10 inch spoked pulley. Note, I have that pulley under a strong metal cover, as it is otherwise a formidable deterrent to keeping your limbs if it were to fail.

Engine braking is quite a bit with my 22:1, the clutch shoes don't disengage until I slow enough near idle rpm. It is strange to think of the mass of the bike going down a hill spinning the engine. You can wait until you slow down enough then the shoes retract.

You can then be at idle and then start coasting down a hill faster and faster, then with a short burst of throttle and letting it go back to idle and the shoes of the clutch are again put the bike in engine brake mode.


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