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Default Re: Listen to your elders

This was taken at night time a couple days ago. I haven't been home in daylight long enough to work on things, let alone to take decent pictures.

What you're seeing here is that I have cut the tensioner bracket and converted it to an exhaust hanger. And the shiny object above it is a wheel reflector.

As far as spring tensioner go, the big thing I didn't think about when using one is that the top chain goes slack when you release the clutch. It tenses up the bottom chain and pull starts the engine. With enough slack... you could be coming to a grinding halt when the chain bunches up on the drive gear, or it just pops off completely and tangles around other stuff. It was a well though out design on my part (I was pretty proud of it actually). Unfortunately, it's just a bad idea. The skateboard wheel was my next choice, but I don't know of any skate shops around locally, and you apparently can't buy a single wheel online.

I completely agree with the twisting of the tensioner bracket. I did that on all of my builds and never thought about it twice.
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