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Default Re: Here I go again,Briggs build

Originally Posted by scratchbuilder View Post
Well, thanks for your comments....the Honda is a bit wider, one of the measurements I didn't for now lil 142hs is back on board. I couldn't use my belt primary lever clutch...I tried a centrifugal...but to much herky- jerky-shudder,shudder. And with a load on the Honda it wouldn't run good, I'm guessing carb trouble, the air screw made no difference, in or out.�� Sooooo, now what, I know tomorrow, gonna meet a guy who wants to buy the Briggs bike.
I had about 8:1 ratio with the Brigg 3hp originally on my bike, then also consider it is 26 inch wheel separately, it chugged my then new Max Torque Belt clutch. I eventually got it at 22:1 ratio with extra jackshafts and sprocket and now is good for slower but more torque trail riding. I think at 15:1 it could have been used on more level surface.

The original 8:1 was heating and rattling the clutch bad till it got up to speed, but very slowly.

Maybe the 2.5hp Honda has some other issue as you mention, but I figured I'd let you know about my clutch as it were with what is was doing. I'm not sure, but also maybe clutches get initial break in period and then grab better?


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