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Default Re: Listen to your elders

Luckily I had neither issue. The GT2-A Skyhawk frame is actually well thought-out, and the chain doesn't come close to the frame at all. Also, the chain stays have an oblong cross section, so even if you do use the cheesy nylon supplied tensioner, it will not rotate on you.

The issue I ran in to that caused this was that my exhaust bracket failed and I tried to undo the tensioner to make it a dual purpose "exhaust mount/tensioner" bracket. Anyway, the bolts snapped when I went to loosen them and left me with a floppy chain and exhaust. That's when I noticed how worn the roller had gotten. It's almost all the way down to the bearing. I looked around the hardware stores for a suitable replacement, then that bug you put in my ear about going tensioner-less kicked in and I finally caved in.

Also, I learned a lesson about spring tensioner too. I built one for another motorized bicycle out of hardware store parts. Unfortunately, when you go to pedal start the engine, it stretches the spring and can either snap it, deform it, or rip it right off. So... I don't recommend them.

And the words smooth and quiet don't do it justice! With a rear exit exhaust, sound deadening material, and no tensioner, it's silky and buttery now! Riding has always been my moment of zen, and now it's even more so.
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