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Default Listen to your elders

Public service announcements:

Ditch the tensioner now.
Tom (2door) should be listened to at all times. Your bike will appreciate you for it.

I could probably spend all day pouring through the threads on here, and still not count all the times Tom has said to ditch the chain tensioner. Yet, I have not heeded the wise words.

I finally got around to picking up some half links. I searched a little around town for some regular 1/8" bike chain half links, but nobody seemed to carry them in stock. My final stop was fruitful, but not for 1/8" bike chain. When asked, he replied "No, but I have these huge ones...and you can have those!" I asked for a caliper, and it sure enough turned out to be 415 chain. Yay free!

Anyway, moral of the story is to listen to Tom! The bike is SO MUCH QUIETER! I never knew how much noise the cheap nylon wheel made until it was gone. Well worth it. I'm also no longer afraid of the impending tensioner-in-the-spokes trick they like to pull sometimes.
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