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Default Re: Hello from Québec, Canada

Welcome my suggestion is to take it one challenge at a time. To enlarge the center hole of the sprocket, I used a metal rasp that fits my 3/8 inch hand drill. I think I paid about six bucks for it. I just drew a circle about an 1/8 in wide around the opening then ground out the metal to the edge. It wasn't pretty but I did it in less than half hour.

the only way to know about the bolts that go through your spokes is to try it, once you get the sprocket hole big enough to fit. Just fit one first then try the one directly opposite it. leave them loose till you get them all though the sprockets then tighten them. It might spread your spokes a little but it shouldn't do any real damage.

Also if anyone tells you to dump you bike tell them where to go. It is a beautiful ride. Also I know the urge to ride right away but it takes a week or two to do the first install. Well it took me that long but I had some real issues. I seized my engine lol

Oh yeah I didn't do it myself but I saw a motor mounted using a muffler clamp and thought that would be the best for a large frame. A muffler clamp uses a U bolt but also a bracket that is u shaped on one side and flat on the other. Get one big enough and it should work beautifully.
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