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Default Re: Need help with power bike restoration

What you have is a DIY, do-it-yourself motorized bicycle. It appears to be a standard cruiser frame with a fabricated mount for an old, possibly a Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke engine. That kick-starter is a very old option that was available on some B&S engines. Interestingly enough it was used on engines that were designed to be mounted in washing machines, if that gives you an idea of the vintage.

Your engine is equipped with a centrifugal clutch. I see a large sprocket attached to the rear wheel which tells me the builder intended to use a jack shaft from the left side to the right side of the bike with either a belt or chain drive from the engine to the shaft.

Lots of work ahead of you and it might require some fabrication to get the bike running but it can be done. You certainly have a good start and a foundation for a cool motorized bike.

You'll need to check local laws pertaining to motorized bicycles. Most areas require pedals to make it a bike. No pedals puts it into the motorcycle category which can open all kinds of worm cans when it comes to registering to make it street legal.

One thing that concerns me is how the builder cut the downtube and is relying on the engine mount for frame integrity. Done correctly it could work but shoddy welding or steel that is too thin could be a major problem. More photos of the frame and engine mount area would be necessary to evaluate. Frame failure is a real concern with that design. Be careful!

Good luck.

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