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So the 48 was completely disassembled before I put it on the bike because I didn't want to risk what happened to my first HT. The cylinder walls got scored badly because of leftover china trash inside from manufacturing. While I had it apart, I noticed that the transfers didn't match at the base, so I smoothed it out a little and matched the base to the cylinder. Not much metal got removed, just enough to clean it out and smooth the transition.

I also developed a small head gasket leak, so I lapped the head a little, raising compression just a touch.

The last 2 things I did was I fabbed a ghetto poopoo pipe because I got tired of smelling like 2stroke all the time. I think the poopoo pipe did something for performance because after that it ran terrible and I had to open the jet up a little bit to get rid of the high rpm WOT lean surges.

So overall, I don't really consider that much modification. So far though, the top speed has been clocked at 43 MPH. And that's on a 44t rag joint sprocket. It's got plenty of pickup too. It gets my 190 lb butt (plus 40-ish lb bike) up go speed in no time. I will put it against almost any modified 66 any day.

I may get some time tomorrow to do the degree wheel idea. I'll be sure to post results.
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