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Default Re: Here I go again,Briggs build

Very few folks have caught or at least commented on the title. Good old Marty Feldman.

I am running a Nexus on my last build powered by the 49cc commercial engine. So far so good. I didn't have any luck with the older Shimanos. The Nexus is nice because the direct drive gearing is 2nd leaving a lower and higher gear. The SA fixie is direct in 3rd so all gears are lower. I am able to get well into the 30s with a 49cc cruising below any vibe level. Would be hard to do with a single speed with out turning ones hands and butt to mush.

The Nexus is cheap. I bought a new one off ebay for $18(hub only), if it trashes you can just swap the internals into the existing wheel/hub. Might just work with the Briggs if you are easy on it shifting. Having an auto clutch helps immensely. Its worth a shot if you have one.
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