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Default clean motor

Just a dumb little throw out there, kinda found out of a another need type of thing. Now im sure many of this already know this as so did I but here goes......

So im using an old motor 4 stroke on a new gta build (other threads going under cruisers). So from the two years of riding and probarly 400 miles i had a ""POP" holder on the beach cruiser and needlees to say from potholes and motor vibs, well that girl got a little dirty . So looking around the basement sink i spot an sos pad. 5 mins later the old girl looks as good as new and maybe possibaly even better (cant remember). To avoid splashing water everywhere i used a damp paint brush to get the heavy blue cleaner out of the crevises and wiped down with a damp rag. Nice and easy to avoid getting water in the motor and like i said 5mins. Ive heard that these china pop metal motors dont hold a shine well so veres an hour or more of polishing with bits and a dremil try the k.i.s.s. method lol SOS pad, you can get that pad in spots nice and easy
Another thing discovered not noticed when ive installed this motor or many of time tinkering shes got an epoxy factory repair. Glad QC cought that before she hit the boat to the

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