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Default Re: Bogging at top end

Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
The bike is a 2 stroke 48 cc Skyhawk I opened up the carb and my float is not attached to anything could that be the problem?
The float, white plastic donut, does not attach to anything. It is free floating but does push upward on a small brass horseshoe shaped part that in turn presses against a needle valve. As fuel level rises in the bowl the float lifts (floats) and closes off the fuel inlet to control bowl fuel level.

Your fuel/oil ratio is good. Stick with it.

Are you still having the 'bogging' issue? How many miles have you put on the engine? If less than about 200 miles don't worry too much about performance. I doubt that are running lean so your bogging might be the normal situation you'll see with a new engine.

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