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Default Re: Just got my first BIKE BUG!!! Need help..?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Hey Roadkill, good price on the ebay engine.

However, that means you now have a 2-stroke front engine and 4-stroke rear engine. If so, ya can't use a central reserve tank.
Hey!!! I will just have to wait and get more. I bid 105 max and got it for 104.. Doh! I will probably add this to the MS. trek.. She might have a beach cruiser as well. I am just starting buddy boi!!! If I buy a bunch of these things or just motors they will hold value. I am not really losing anything by collecting them. I want my 7 year old to get a 25cc kit and get him hooked. I might be making my own soon anyway.. Did you ever see the how to friction drive videos on youtube? There are 3 or 4 that guide you through everything.

I did a search for "friction drive" and the word "build" and found some cool links.. Those are not the ones though.. Basically these are just like BMP or STATON kits.. Perfect replica's...

Cheers... Any other ideas on what I need? Fuel pump, carb kit? Roller skate wheel? Look at the teeth on that beast! Poor tires.
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