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Exclamation Re: Lawmower engine friction drive idea.. sellers look.

Originally Posted by Rayzor View Post
the improvised gear box would be a tricky build. why not a horizontal lawnmower engine and just counter balance that with something on the other side?
Hey Ray.. Yeah that is why.. I see them everywhere and I bet the 2 or 3 hp are almost useless for grass but would whip some "@$$" on a MB.. Did I just think that up or am I one? Better get a tootsie roll.

Thanks for the post

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
Interesting idea, those kinds of engines are a dime a dozen.
I wonder if it would be easier to mount the engine as a "sidewall scrubber", that way , you would not need the gearbox you describe. I've seen one out there that had a freewheel runner on the other side of the wheel sort of sandwiching the wheel to keep it centered.
Yeah that might work but I want the thing centered. I imagine your idea might work on a side pivot hinge and would always run on a slight angle (if centered) and probably always on the rim through a mountain rack style mount.. I can only imagine what a warped tire will do.. I might start that thread in a minute...


Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
There's a link here somewhere where a guy did just that. He used two rollers. One for the drive laid against the side-wall and two free rollers on the other side. I believe that on his design the driveshaft was the actual roller and he had a sort of lever spring loaded acted like a clutch pivoted the engine to engage and disengage.
With some thinking it wouldn't be too hard to use a hand clutch and have the spring take the pressure when it's engaged and the hand clutch when pulled disengages it.
Yea lawnmower engines have some power,man.

Ha! Here it is:
I will check that out.. Thanks to you as well. Now can we convince him or her to give us the Biclear secrets???

Originally Posted by capturedbyrobots View Post
Just mount a 2 stroke lawn mower on it's side,
and use a diaphragm carb if it doesn't have one already.

2 strokes can usually run in any orientation.
Direct drive baby!
Yeah the DMV buys em up because they cut on hills and last forever.. Too heavy for me. Saw The Blue Meanies a zillion times and CBR twice once at the fireside.. Good show mate!

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
Thanks Large, I'd never seen that one.
Anyone can pick up a lawnmower for ten bucks and spend a day messing around with a rear rack "thingy"
I think I'll start a company called Slick Bike Parts and sell em for $125.99 shipped!
Who wants the first one? Too bad I'm just a
If it is quality I would buy one. I am gear illiterate. I am getting very tired of being this way.

Thanks Ya'll.. Feel free to create one if you can.. I used to wourk for "The world's largest" Kawa,Suzuki,Yama hahahaha dealer in the midwest or the world in the 90's and we would occasionally sell a shaft.. One day JoJo asked me to hold something.. It was a live coil.


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