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Default Re: 4 stroke vs two stroke

Originally Posted by jamesar View Post
I was looking at the death row kit on gas bikes . net,do you have any experience with them.
Gasbike was where I got my 2 stroke that broke all the time. If you want to build a predator bike, I could provide you with lots of pictures of my building process and helpful links, but I suggest building one from scratch, as you'll know that the quality is good if you buy good parts. Also about 4 strokes being slower, that may be true for the 49cc kits, but my 79cc predator bike goes 45mph and still has enough torque to take all but the steepest hills. I have another 79cc bike that I just finished, it only goes 35mph, but has so much torque that it can pop wheelies if you're not careful.
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