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Cool Just got my first BIKE BUG!!! Need help..?

Anyone care to look at my special win it is item number... 150327151824 on eeekbay...
I am sure people did not make it sell high for a reason.. I like the way these look and actually tried to get a free style once.

My questions are few.

1. will this work with my BMP kit and Robin in the rear well, fair, poorly or not at all?
2. Can somebody point the way to the BEST roller skate wheel replacement for the "teeth" on the back wheel?
3. I think I will need a carb kit and maybe something else. Are there engine rebuild kits as well?

Ok back to work.. I gotta pay for all this and still owe on my soul as well.. Gotta get that back and auction it off to pretty girls..

Thanks in reverse or forwards.. My thanks stall in neutral. Thanks all the same and sideways.

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