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Default Re: My electric start full suspension predator 212 build

Thank you Beginner01 and VeniceMotorBikes all very well said. This thread highlights an awesome bike and demonstrates how far we can push some of these parts and still have good results. I have been back and forth from the motorcycle to bicycle world my whole life and very distinctly understand the differences. And I do have to point them out to new customers sometimes. A bike like this is obviously built by someone who gets the engineering challenges and understands very well what he or she is doing. Just like in building race/high performance cars and motorcycles we may push a part to hard sometimes and have to 're think that part or a way around loading it so hard. This is called development. My goal in this whole thing started in just learning the small motors to go make a run at the under 100cc non streamliner class at Bonneville. Now it's all I do and to see a bike like this just makes me smile ear to ear and know there are others out there pushing what we do forward and building incredible and inspirational bikes like this one.
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