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Default Re: Wanting my first MB on a budget! A few easy questions

Hey welcome to the forum. I don't know much about the laws in PA or about motorcycles, but I can advise you on if you want to build a motor bike.

That kit looks fine, nothing seems to be wrong with it, but I'm sure you're paying a premium on those two products when you buy from spooky tooth. If I were you, I would look for a bike that you really like and buy a motor kit from eBay. You can get a kit as cheap as $110. You would save yourself some money, or end up with a nicer bike than that one (you could buy a $340 bike with a $110 kit to match the price of that particular combo you're looking at). Just make sure the bike would fit the engine.

But whatever route you choose to go here are some quick essential tips on these 2-strokes:
-Replace the spark plug / wire with high quality ones from or at an auto shop.
-Replace the fuel line
-Replace the engine hardware (studs/bolts), they sell kits at sickbikeparts but you can also fine them at Ace hardware
-If you can spare the ~$80, get a manic mechanic sprocket adapter. One of the hardest parts about building these is putting the sprocket on. A sprocket adapter makes it really easy, makes your build a lot more sturdier, and ensures a perfectly true sprocket.
-Make sure the engine mount is solid
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