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Default Re: My electric start full suspension predator 212 build

Nice build. I'm planning a similar build myself for my 2nd bike.

Since you have the billet flywheel you can modify your gearing to run single speed and still get a good top speed. Something like 9:1 just run a single jackshaft and the second chain on the left and keep the right side chain for the pedals.

You can pick up a moped drum brake hub that will make this easier from treat land for about $50 - it has a large moped sprocket on the left and a freewheel thread on the right.

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
212cc is not a motorized bicycle......

If you want a big engine in a bike get a motorcycle frame, with pedals...
The $2000 MotoPed bike will take anything you throw at it.

Again if you want more power, look at motorcycle parts.
Not necessarily. BMX parts are strong as well.. and moped parts. Not motorcycle parts.

By your definition a 'motorized bicycle' is a bicycle with a weak engine used for pedal assist. On the other hand, for a lot of custom "big HP" builders here an motorized bicycle is technically a 'bicycle based moped'. I saw your site.. weak engine kits on bikes with weak brakes.. and if you can make money building MaBs on that more power to ya.. For people who ride without a full face helmet your bikes are plenty. The first motorized bicycle i ever rode was similar and a blast to ride. My first build though? a 55mph 4c 3.5hp bicycle based moped.

A 212cc powered bike comes from the 'bicycle-based-moped' builders. Standard attributes are: Steel frames, custom frame mods and motor mounts, heavy duty rear wheels, large disc or drum brakes front and rear, usually some kind of suspension, thicker chain, expensive tires. They combine the best traits of mopeds and bicycles and are much cheaper to maintain and run than motorcycles (or mopeds)

So the advice I give here isn't to just go and get a motoped; it's to upgrade the rear hub and driveline equipment to at least moped quality.
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