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Default Wanting my first MB on a budget! A few easy questions

Hey guys.

So, I've yet to ever set foot on one of these bikes, but I saw how they almost looked like a little cafe racer and was hooked.

The bicycle kit I was looking at was this -

I have spent 350 dollars on a nice BMX bike, and people say "Don't buy cheap!". So does that make this bike okay for $450 (+Kit) or does it make it cheap? I'm assuming since this is a fairly popular kit that, most of you have seen it around by now.

Also, how does it work with being in PA and having one of these? I know for the most part it's personal preference of the cop not wanting to stop you or not.

I've looked all over the forum and some have said that NO one bothers them, others have said that they've simply given up on titling or registering it. It's simply a bicycle.

The reason why I ask this is because my dad is a big time Harley guy. He has a gorgeous Suzuki Intruder with low mileage and just needs some money put into the Carb to fix it.

I've yet to ride a motorcycle so I'm not sure if I should just bite the bullet and spend the money fixing the Motorcycle, or if I can travel around town for fun on this little bike (Not as a serious driver). Just as I would do with the Suzuki.


Is this a good bike kit -

Can I drive it the same as a motorcycle around town in PA without too much trouble? Or should I just put the money into fixing a motorcycle.
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