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Default the two rules of HT bikes

the two rules are:

1) don't get in a hurry

2) don't get lazy

This week I failed at those and left a poor kid stuck 20 miles out.

He came in with no spark, broken clutch lever, and 4 or 5 other issues with clutch, chain & carb. He had about a 30 mile ride to get home and rain was coming in an hour or so. I fixed all and decided to solder up his mag where the ground wire that hooks coil to armature had come loose, and do a quick test ride and get him on the road before the rain.

He got 20 miles out before my solder work failed. Picked up him & bike, and gave him free, new mag and sent him out in slight drizzle, but he made it home OK.

Later looked and saw I had failed to clean some of the varnish from the under side of wire, so solder wasn't solid. I had scraped it with a knife blade to save time instead of looking for my jeweler's files to clean it right - never forget the two rules.
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