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Default Hello from Québec, Canada

Hi everyone ! I'm brand new in the motorized bicycle world and I'm just excited to install mine asap ! But watch my case, it is some challenge for those who like to use their mind !
I own a Felt MP cruiser (see the link for pix : CustomBrigade) that I want to convert in a moped style but I face some difficulties:
- first of all I have a 7 internal speeds Nexus Shimano rear hub with coaster brake and the left flange is too wide for sprocket hole. I don't think that I can just lean it against the flange because of the chain line. And the sprocket teeth may certainly touch the left chain stay of the frame. Maybe I could drill or file the hole to enlarge it but I have to think of the fixing bolts that will be too close to the enlargement, and I don't even know if my bolts will pass throw the spokes (32, gauge 14, crossed 3, 50mm wide rims, just heavy duty my friend ).
- Then my tubing is pretty beefy so for fixing the engine, I'll have to review all the fixing gear. I dislike the idea of drilling my down tube frame so I'll try to find some way to built a customed attach or fixing gear.
- and the tank is designed for an ovoide tubing shape (round). Mine is a tank styled frame. (see pix). The bolts that are welded in the bottom of the tank are designed again to accomodate a certain tubin diameter. Mine is oversized and prevent me to lean the tank against the frame. Here again, I'll have to find a way to fix firmly and safely the tank on the bike (with some metal plates, straps and foam, I don't know yet)...

I'll take some more detailed pictures and measurments next post to be more precise.

So I told you it's no vacation ! And if I want to ride asap (the sooner the better), I need your wisdom. And don't tell me to change my bike.

I know it would be simplier to buy a good old 200 $ cruiser Schwinn at Canadian Tire, but I like to have some challenge, so if anyone as solved those problems, any comments and advice will be welcome. The worst for the moment is the sprocket. Should I check for a motorcycle or moped rear sprocket ? I know that I have to check the thickness of the sprocket, to fit a 415 chain.

Some other questions: I read that the spark and the wire is no sh.. in the chinese kit. Were could I find some good ones ? What kind of spark : I read in another post, it takes a cold one ? which #? And the wire, a 7 mm copper ? Where do I buy this ? Canadian Tire for example, or a motorcycle shop ? What's the best ?

I hope to capture your interest, thank you for your attention, hope my request isn't to long, and above all, excuse my english, I'm not used to speak and write a lot in english, but I'm motivated by my passion.

Ps : the emoticons don’t work ?!
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