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Default Re: my journey begins

so switched up the air filter set up again. small changes. I also fixed the townie chain guard, one of these days you'll see a thread call "Goop I put that s@#t on everything"

a few hundred miles ago I was playing with intakes and split my jug at a intake stud threading. my bad. i used jb to hold the stud in place and today it let go. I have a Cheez jug on hand thanks to Legwon. I have cleaned up the transfers and am leaving it at that. I am painting the new jug right now. but I wont run it until tomorrow, when my opti-2 arrives.

I know this is one of "those" topics, but I am breaking in this jug and rings with opti-2 100:1 and I am not pampering it in anyway. call it a personal experiment. I'm not the first, and I have not read any convincing 1st hand negatives to offset the users predominant love of the product.



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