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Default Re: Motor problems

You are welcome. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of youtube vids showing how to install the sprocket using those heavy rubber washers. They can be a bit fussy to do but they definitely work fine.

I'm guessing this is your first build so pay close attention to all the safety concerns like using threadlocker on the bolts/nuts that need it etc. Check all the attaching bolts for tightness on a regular basis especially during the early stages of your break in period.

You can disregard the manufacturers guide for the oil/gas mix and go straight to 32:1 By doing this it will help make it easier to start and run and still be enough oil to lubricate the internals properly.

Make sure your brakes are working well, cause once you get going you will also want to come to a safe stop.

Read through a couple of other members build threads and that will give you an idea of where some challenges may come up. Maczulu has done a good thread and although he has done many modifications, at the core of it is a good read.

Anyway, there's usually someone around here on the forum to help you out.

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