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Default Re: my journey begins

well changed my air filter housing. I had the black punisher skull looking one with extra holes drilled in it. I replaced the foam with rain sock material awhile ago. so now I have taken the black grid disc that comes in the nt and nt speed carb air filters and adhered the rain sock material to the face of that disc, then it holds on a steel rim for appearances I guess. it sure not a velocity stack, but she's sucking a lungful.

went for a 30 k ride, she loves it. it was cold and rainy. 10k or so out I blew the front tire, my fault with the brake pads rubbing on one side. luckey I had checked my tool bag for an innertube in the afternoon and found it missing. so I had just put the new innertube in, I had a patch kit always though.

well my custom front fender makes it interesting, but I was riding again in 1/2 an hour. in 10 minutes my carb got loose and fell off. that was weird, also my jackshaft crank set seemed to have let go, broke, snapped, gave up. one or the other. it's not under engine power yet, but it was free so whatever. so about 10k away from home now, pretty hilly. but she got me home, and a new top speed around 60kph.

looking for a new crank set I called around, and before go to grab one for $80 I called the store I bought the bike from and they had an unused townie crank set for $20. so painted that and put it on. just missing the pedal in the pic.




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