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Default Re: Ist Build Partially done In Mpls MN

Originally Posted by ZipTie View Post
Hey Skitch, Thanks again. If I could find a spoke lacer around here that drum brake would be sweet. I could shave while I ride. Yes, I've only seen only few guys paint and finish these slightly unsightly...whirly aluminum goldfish cracker, tear drop, guppy bowl, shark head frames... too funny man... (I almost choked on my own tongue) when I read your creative description of these very odd looking raw frames.
( I added to your DESCPITION A BIT) What's cool is the powder coat guys has to only bead blast it to get a perfect smooth end finish. The thick finish of A 2 layer powder coating covers "ALL" the swirly and odd metal "WTH" finish.
They for sure are not plug and play, but could be, if the knowledge was in one place so people could order parts with confidence that would work in harmony with each other. The vendors sure don't help much in that dept., they expect you to be a caliper wielding crazed parts telepath. They sell the frames and you are on your own for the most part with all the tidbits... That will change hopefully. If a Section is added it will be a huge help. I think the more of these finished properly folks will see all the possibilities for a cool build canvas with all the bells and whistles, not just wheels and a motor. But true complete show bikes that turn heads and cost under 800.00 to build. I even have working turn signals...complete with a stitched leather wrapped (Starbucks) coffee fenders, custom working headlight and tail lite, fully chain guarded on both sides... LOL. My little Indian tribute motorbike as it sits must not weigh 50 pounds and that is a super light weight motorbike my friend. Parked next to my wide 1800cc Victory jackpot... its a thin wafer. I can carry it easy under one arm.
I agree, would be nice to have a separate section. I picked one of these frames up a few months ago.
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