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Default Re: Ist Build Partially done In Mpls MN

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
And your garage space LOL. They are prolly around just that you are not in the same place. They are legal as long as same specks as moped 50cc 2 hp or less,and keep the pedals. I had one when i was a kid and am getting ready to do another,working on parts for now,gas tank head light and all the small stuff till my shop gets cleaned. Funny been out in LA a few times and as big as it is only see one now and then, but a lot of members on the forum...................Curt
On that note: Get that dang shop cleaned ! Curt it will be spring before U know it. Me has a feeling that as the economy here in the US slowly turns third World these will be one of our main form of transportation...Just kidding...but kind of serious... a trend I see coming in the not so distant future...MB will continue to grow at any rate as our collective disposable incomes drops.
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