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Unhappy Re: Long, cold, ride coming up.

Yep, it'll be a long ride for sure. I checked the mileage on Google, one way is about 209 miles one way, and I'll be hauling a trailer. I'll be all kitted out in my safety vest, with three flashers mounted to the back of my trailer, also I'll be making a point to ride in the daylight.

I plan to make the long run down in one day, set camp outside Fort McDowell, then ride through the next day. Phoenix traffic sucks, I think they aim rather than drive.

Thanks fasteddie, my beloved and I haven't been apart for long, and we are still good friends. She said she was having an identity crisis, which is something I can't understand, as I've always loved who I am. The problems really stem from money, I think, my lack of concern for it, and her materialisim. In truth, I'm making the trip for her. She's hit some hard times and the first person she calls is me of course.

Curt, Payson is indeed beautiful, as are Pine and Strawberry, just too many people for my taste. Where did you have your RV worked on? I may be related to the tech lol, I've got a pile of kinfolks there.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the trip. I figure it'll cost me about $12 in fuel, my cheapest trip down the mountain with my own vehicle, ever. Something like four hundred miles had ought to be an adventure. Because I'll either pitch a tent or stay with friends and family, I figure the trip will cost about $40 or less, which is less than what my last truck needed for fuel, one way. **** of a cheap way to travel, I just hope the bike holds together, I wish I could have made this trip sooner, when the weather was better, and the bike had less mileage on it.
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