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Default Re: ugh...ever want to just chuck your bike into the river

Originally Posted by thxcuz View Post
if it aint one thing it's 'tuther. first, my fork keeps tightening up...then I'm leaking gas. then bolts fall out and it takes me 20 minutes to find out were they came from then my front disk brake gets messed up. then the rear wheel gets out of wack. Most of these are operator error and no fault of the engine itself but sometimes I just want to toss my bike in the river and buy a $300 moped from craigslist. sorry, had to vent.
carry on
The moped would be great for a bit and then you would be in the same mess.
You need to get into a maintenance plan.

I was driving a 30 yr old motorbike and got feeling the same way.
Bought a $5000 street legal 450 Husaberg MX bike and only got one season out of it. Connecting rod broke, $3000+ to repair.

Back to the 30yr old streetbike...


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