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Default Re: Ist Build Partially done In Mpls MN

Thanks skitch, I'll post some non potato quality pictures in the cruiser section tomorrow with a bunch of tribulations coupled with some close ups. It looks pretty good. But other guys have done amazing gearing and brake systems.
- I wish the moderators would add a Gt2a style frame builds section as these builds really do not fit the boardtrack category either and the building of these is challenging in many ways for a guy like me. But could be easier. As example/ Just finding a straight course thread fuel petcock took a month as no one lists parts that will fit the frames they are selling. I find the frames unique looking and are a canvas that has not been exploited fully yet by the average builder. The head tube was a nightmare solved only by parts from 3 suppliers and I still needed to steal a part off a huffy donor bike to get it correct. Even the fuel cap provided doesnt come close to fitting and had to even change the cap seal. Yikes... Then to top it all off aparently there are knockoffs...that have some differences. Again, these frames builds badly need their very own section in this forum.
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