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Default Re: My electric start full suspension predator 212 build

Originally Posted by romerider153 View Post
What broke was the axle inside the rear Hub so I have to get a new three speed hub I'm starting to give up on the internal geared hubs on motorized bikes my basement looks like a graveyard for them.
212cc is not a motorized bicycle, it's like trying to replace a 2.1L Yugo engine with a 550 horse turbo charged 5.5L V-8 and expecting the cars drive train to take it.

If you want a big engine in a bike get a motorcycle frame, with pedals...
The $2000 MotoPed bike will take anything you throw at it.

Otherwise you are just pissing into the wind of common sense bud, it may fit, but that don't mean the rest of it will hold up, watch any Home Improvement TV episode to see RedNeck "More Power" examples.

Hey, just my advice, take it or leave it... broken on the side of road is all.

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