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Default Ist Build Partially done In Mpls MN

Hello from Minnesota. I joined this forum a bit late as I am almost done with my first build that was laced with many small battles along the way. I built on the Gt2A Skyhawk platform with the built in gas tank. I love the general look of the bike a lot but it sure isn't a standard bike frame and for a newbie bike builder I ended up buying a few parts that did not fit it. Eventually I got the main stuff working as a bike and then had it powder coated candy apple metallic red...added the engine, exhaust etc. I Used a donor bike for the wheels, tires and a few other parts as a short cut. I need front brake( somehow?) This one wont get a ton of use as I plan on building a more practical build this winter for riding this summer. You guys who live in a warm climate have my envy. Its ready to start but the slippery glare ice outside on my driveway and street wont allow me to test it I will most likely have to wait till March to even see if anything works.

I went with a retro look, but it pales in comparison to other vintage builds I've seen on the forum, but it suits me fine for now until I feel up to taking on a major build. Ill build one more themed bike this winter on the Skyhawk style frame as I feel I can do it with much less time and redo's. Ill try to post a picture or two( when the forum lets me ) I thank the forum members for all the info gleamed and look forward to contributing back more than I took.
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