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Default Re: Hello from France!

Originally Posted by Poupoudoum View Post
Hi everybody!

I'm very happy to join you and to see all of your vehicules!

First, I'm sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my mother tongue, but I think you'll understand me!

So, what about me, I'm french, I'm currently a student in information technology, and I'm crazy!!

I built with some friends 3 motorized bikes with chainsaw engines.
I built the CicloTRON first, it was realy simple, with a friction drive directly on the clutch. And because at this time I didn't know how to weld, I build it in wood.
The engine is a Sachs-Dolmar 112, 52cc, ~3HP.

Then with my fiends, we founded it so wonderfull that we decided to build a second vehicle, the Black JACC (JACC is the contraction of the first letters of or first names: Julien, Alexandre, Clément, Clément)The engine comes from a McCulloch Pro Mac 10-10, 54cc, ~3.5HP (this is the only chainsaw I know that is auto disasembling itself)
We had a lot of touble with this vehicle... (brakes, starter, starter-rope, exhaust, carburator, and the screws comes from the USA, so it isn't the same screw thread as here in europe)

Then I learn (by my-self) how to weld and we made the Troncotinette, a kind of go-ped!
This is a crazy project!! We started from scratch and we build everything, the frame, the brakes, the clutch...
The cluch is very simple: The roller is directly on the engine shaft, ant the chainsaw is on an armature that put it on the tyre or a little above it. It is commanded by a pedal near the front wheel.
The brake is very similar to the clasical go-ped brakes: it is a piece of old plane tyre, witch can be put on the tyre with a pedal, at the rear of the central board.
The engine is a no-name chainsaw, 33cc, ~1HP and it goes very fast!

And we recently rebuild the CicloTRON to make the CicloTRON reloaded. We used the same chainsaw but we added a reduction before the roller.

I will put the photos as soon as I will be allowed to do so.
You can see a lot of photos on my website (in french): ht[REMOVE]tp:/[REMOVE]/[REMOVE]r/
You can also see some videos on the video page: ht[REMOVE]tp:/[REMOVE]/[REMOVE]?menu=9&i=Videos-de-la-CicloTRON-tream

Welcome! Let me to be the first to say that is really unique! So how fast does it go?

Kings 70cc 3200+ miles. Now on a Schwinn Point Beach NOW in mothballs..
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