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Default Re: Are all kits the same ?

Originally Posted by leftywoody View Post
i bought a 80/60 cc kit from www. KINGSMOTORBIKES.COM and was very satisfied with the quality of the parts and the service . They are on sale now and are a good buy. You may notice some of the parts included are updated to be stronger and better quality than other kits . Check out the idler pulley it has double the mounting bolts that other kits don't have for example .
I bought mine 4 years ago from Kings too... First month the manifold broke in half, took him 3 weeks to replace it. Other than that it's still running strong. If it blows up tomorrow, I'll still got my moneys worth!

Would I buy another from Kings, sure but I'm going to try Grubee's first. Just to compare.

Kings 70cc 3200+ miles. Now on a Schwinn Point Beach NOW in mothballs..
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