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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Weedy and Fair.. You guys will have fun I am sure. Sounds like a good meet. Wish I could be there. Take some pics !! This I know. I run the Dax F80 which is a 69cc motor and will run circles around your Moped Weedy. I am at 6000-9000 feet and I can run 38mph top speed and cruise all day at 34mph. I have never ever seen a stock 50cc moped do that at sea level. Much less at 6000 feet up and higher. And I agree.. A 50cc moped from Europe is a better built motor than the GT China built motors. But still. A good running GT motor on a bicycle will out pull, out corner, and just flat out run any stock moped I have ever run. Barr none !! I am not sure what Fair is running for a motor, but if it runs decent at all... Well.. Fair will be saying.. See ya... And you will be saying.. Mommy.. I want my mommy !!! ................

Moped and motorized bicycle drags !! Alright !!! I feel 16 again and I am hundreds of miles away and not even there !!! Our wives must think we guys are nuts !!! Question is.... Are we? Enjoy the ride....