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Oh my gosh I'm seriously baffled how I didn't see this!!

I was looking at the broken exhaust. Fit a new muffler up to the header that was left on the engine. Took the header off and ground off the weld. Put it back on the engine. Tacked the muffler to the header. Took it back off and welded the 2 pieces together. Put it back on the engine yet again... fired it up to see the exhaust vibrate and feel it. Thought to myself " that seems a little off, I should put another mount on that" THAT'S WHEN I GOT DOWN AND LOOKED AT THE MUFFLER TO SEE THE FRONT MOTOR MOUNT WAS BROKEN AND MISSING A PIECE AS WELL AS A BROKEN BOLT IN THE BLOCK!! WTF?! That's just stupid how long it took to realize it was more broken than I thought... I don't even know how that happened.. :-( I go through this bikes bolts every once in a while and check the chains and whatnot... it's not my bike anymore but I still try and take care of it and teach it's new owner how to take care of it.. Golly..
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