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Default Homemade MB Exhaust Flange - drawing

An idea for those who desire a more hands-on approach to making /
welding up their own motorized bicycle exhaust flange/ header.
Sometimes the factory exh. flanges just don't hold up.

Your local hardware store likely carries 1/8" thick X 2.5" steel washers.
Most already have a .750" diameter center hole.
There are also 3/16" washers; make sure they're at least Grade 5.
These washers are quite heavy duty and will suit the purpose.
Avoid cad plated soft washers for MIG use.

*Hack, chop, drill your way to a heavy exhaust flange that will support nearly
any diam. tube you need.
Factory exhaust tubing runs 22-23mm [7/8" OD] with approx. .080" wall.
The ones I measured run .750" ID.

Included is my drawing for a DIY exhaust flange.
The job is easier with calipers, a drill press & cutoff wheel.

To extended the header use 3/4 inch [.750" OD] black plumber pipe - its super heavy duty.
Threaded 3/4" pipe welded to the front half, is ideal to extend the BGF Voodoo pipe (from center nut to rear end).
That heavy 3/4" ID threaded nut can save a lot of assembly time.

B Method: trace out an exhaust gasket & proceed to *H/C/D.
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