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Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
I had to get in this one-First guys be nice, some of us that tried the moped and cycle sites and got reamed out for having a motorized bike guys we are better than that.....
First I am in my 60's (don't ask!!) and have been riding these bikes when gas first went to 2.50 a gal.
But my first real motorcycle was an old Indian I bought for $100. in the crate (service surplus) and I put it together in my apartment (second floor) and had several pces left over but it ran great. Some times I wish I had that old bike fast forward to present time I now have a Mobecane moped I need to find a home for circa 1960 I just do not have the drive to fix it, I just love riding my china girl with my chopper 3 gal. tear drop tank no matter where I go some one wants to talk to me I can ride from Baton Rouge LA to New Orleans LA and back on a tank of gas and still urn another week (although riding that far gives a new meaning to HARD TAIL !!! OUCH!!!). We love our bikes, I love the fact that an old lady can say yes I made it and these young bucks just go WOW!! The fine touches and artistic tweaks that we all do Heck most of us are Renaissance folk we want to do it ourselves.
Right now I am working on making a turbine charger for my light battery.

I am 40.. Let's date.. I would love to hear any progress you have with that charger.. I was looking at charging hubs last night. Any similar things out there like the one you have in mind? Knock em' dead woman!