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Default Re: my journey begins

so played with the jet a little more and still ended back with the 62. now this is a 15mm sha clone from treatland with both a idle screw and air adjustment screw, I have been fiddling with it for a bit trying to get the most out of it. well out of curiosity I wanted to compare it to a stock carb, so I put on the nt speed I got with the Cheez kit. put the 66 jet that came in the sha clone and dropped the needle. she is not really faster (maybe 1 or 2 kph) but her response and pull is better from the bottom to the top. it's actually quite a riding change for the better, especially coming out of corners at low speed is better. no assist needed now except from dead stop, and throttle response is snappier.
I have only tried a 68 as well, and that was too big. so I'm running a stock muffler matched to port and gasket, singer cut right down to nothing. no air filter, using rain sock material instead with the nt black housing with extra holes drilled in it. I dont know if i will bother with ordering a 67, I'm probably over 200 miles but under 300. so it could still settle a little. plug is toast brown and I will continue to keep an eye on it.

and I have no idea why the fancy carb is not as good as the speed, maybe I got a bad one? I will take it apart and take a closer look at the casting work.

it's not as pretty as the sha clone but it rips alot better.
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