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Default Re: Here I go again,Briggs build

Would you be welding in another tube vertically somewhere to replace the seat tube that came out?

Just thinking of strength of the frame. Some builds on motorcycles actually use the engine as connecting points between other frame point for strength.

I know it is just coming together, and the gas tank I see with the magnets for holding to ready welding, is I think the one used with the Vacu-jet Briggs carb.

A gravity feed carb is what I changed to and got a plastic tank (not to rust ever) and mounted it on the top bar with brackets.

The top bar for that frame I have seen some actually make a gas tank out of, but I've never been so crafty.

My gas tank is actually a plastic tank from a Briggs lawn mover vertical shaft type engine. I got it just cause it was a gravity feed type and cheap on Amazon and I had a gift cert. There are some nice tanks to be bought I was too late to find out. The tank does get me about 15 miles. The way it is mounted could have allowed the last bit of gas to be used, but past a point it gulps air and will stall out. I keep enough in it and also carry in a pack extra one or two bottles to refill if I'm going that far and need it.

Briggs bike, yaaaah!!!


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