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Default Re: New old guy from Nova Scotia Canada

I do like KTMs but I have enjoyed most of the other brands too.
These Chinese engines are pretty crude, but an excellent learning tool.
A head or cylinder can be changed in 5 minutes, the whole engine out in 15.
Parts are so cheap you can afford to experiment wildly.

My 660 Raptor and 300 KTM were eye openers.
Wildly powerful, but not as fun as the Blaster and 125 KTM.

They lost the human element. With the smaller machines, my skills were a big part of the equation. The larger machines ample power blast through hills and mud, you had to hold back on the power most of the time. Thec 125 you hold wide open and use your body and skill to get through. There is the challenge. I guess it is all about challenge. These Chinese engines are an interesting challenge. What can I do with it?

I've have my bicycle for a while now, went out and moved the 125 around.
First thing I notice is weight. Wow, I love the light weight of the bicycle. Also the noise, even though I run quiet mufflers. I like that I can shut the motor off and run silent, and often do.


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